Posted by: bongoyok | June 6, 2009

The real color of love

Mankind, are you lost in the desert of hatred?
Do the fibers of your heart need to be chanted?
Lift the eyes of your soul, and watch the sign above
And you will know the marvelous color of love.

Forget what the phony wind and the bad clouds said.
They lied to you that the color of love was red.
Contemplate the vegetation’s big glove
And you will identify the color of love.

Red is the historical garment of danger
Red is the strongest enemy of the manger
Red is an unforgettable bloody cuisine
Red is a painful and very mortal vaccine.

Green is the only strong symbol of brilliant life,
Green is the only exterminator of knife,
Green is the crown of the peaceful branch olive,
Green is the enormous treasure of the future.

For this reason, Love is not red but clean and green.
Love is by far the vocabulary’s dean.
Because, despite the desert, love is always hope;
And hope, like an authentic love, is never myope.



  1. […] A query for Moussa Bongoyok regarding his poetry The real color of Love […]

  2. Thank you for asking. An African proverb says that “Love is like a plant”. The color “green” makes the connection between the proverb and the concept.

  3. Like the parables of Jesus, context is king; but in my context, green means one thing.


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