Posted by: Petros | May 2, 2009

Most Dangerous Place in United States (or in North America)

I am having a visit from Moussa Bongoyok, and we’ve had many great conversations about Africa and theology.  Sometimes we even talk about what’s happening here in North America–which should be no surprise.  I asked him a question, “What is the most dangerous place for person to be in US (or North America)?”  He did not know the answer.

Answer:  In a mother’s womb.

For people in the womb there is apparently a one out of five death rate from abortion.  That’s much higher than going to war in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Source:  I heard question and answer in a sermon by Michael Green.



  1. I think the answer shoud be, “In SOME mothers’ womb,” because for many mothers (I hope “most mothers”) the womb happens to be the safest place one could have.

  2. Well, I totally agree. It is not meant to demean mothers–but to draw attention to the seriousness of the issue. If pregnancies ending in abortion is 1 out of 5, that’s a pretty dangerous place, but such stats deal with demographics and not the love that mothers have for their babies. For that, I suggest reading:

  3. According to the CDC, at its highest in 1984 the abortion rate was 364 per 1000 live births.

    To really be able to say the risk posed to the unborn by abortion, we would need to know how many unborn come into the world in an average year. Since an incalculable number of people die after conception but before birth due to miscarriage (possibly as many as 25% of pregnancies), we can’t really say for sure.

    Still, if we just ignore what we know about miscarriage and take abortion as the primary threat to the unborn, we can say that a 1984 pregnancy in the U.S. had a 30% risk of being aborted. Very risky. Would be safer to fight in Iraq.

    Since then, by the way, the abortion rate has gone down to 233 in 2005. It may have continued to decline.

  4. Thanks for this info. Do you have a link for the CDC stats? That places the death rate by abortion at ca. 26.6 % in 1984 (334/1334)–of course, you are right that there are also losses due to miscarriage. But it is of course the line is accurate, even if we don’t know exact statistics on the danger. I can’t think of any other place which is more dangerous.

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