Posted by: Petros | April 28, 2009

Good man, evil man

Good man, evil man

The good man defends family, country, liberty and life,
He stands up to protect both his children and his wife.

The evil man craves another’s lands, women, and wealth,
He will invade foreign places both openly and in stealth.

David and Saul were loved by God, and Sampson also,
They defeated the Philistines, a particularly aggressive foe.

God gave the sword to government powers not for ill,
But so that they would murders, invaders, and terrorists kill.

Peace will arrive not when arms we’ve dovishly relinquished,
But when Jesus returns and evil’s been utterly vanquished.

(c) 2009 P. W. Dunn

(A response to The Beauty of Peace)



  1. Dr Dunn,
    I like your poetic response to the poem.

  2. I knew that to answer you with prose would fail to arise to the lofty heights of the ideal on which you fly, so I put on these makeshift wings of poor lines hastily slapped together.

  3. Beautiful!

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