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Beka Project March 2009 Update by Marie-Angele Kosseke

Beka Project Newsletter Archive


March, 2009

From: The Beka Project Leadership.

To:      Friends of the Bayaka.

Dear Friends,

From December 26th, 2008 to January 1st, 2009, Dominique went to Mambere and Liboko villages and supervised the literacy program that started there. I’ll let the pictures tell you more about this supervisory trip.


(Dates on the pictures are a month early due to wrong handling)

*   Reading test


*   Dictation test


v   Presentation of certificates

We are considering training the literacy teacher, Maliwa (here in red T-shirt), as a literacy supervisor

We are considering training the literacy teacher, Maliwa (here in red T-shirt), as a literacy supervisor.

*   Group picture of learners

group-of-learnersLearners and their coaches: Family picture.

During this supervisory trip, two new teachers were identified :

  • Gomèse Poko


The man in the striped shirt is the director of the Mambere primary school, coming to see how the literacy class’ evaluation is going on.

  • André Motoumbou


The woman in the foreground is Monique Modzango who prayed for a literacy program in her village.

Cf. Newsletter of December 2007.

*   A parenthesis


André Féissona, in the checked shirt, is a “milo” (bigger black).  He attended Yaka literacy class and stopped with the fifth primer. Learning to read Yaka started to be hard for him.


*   Planning of activities for 2010.

This is an annual activity that allows language teams to organize their work plan for the coming year.

*   François Ndinga’s French lessons.

François continues his French lessons. In 2003 and 2005, a primary school teacher was asked to help François improve his French language skills to enable him to reach the standard expected at the end of primary school. This year, the Alliance Française (equivalent to a French cultural center) is offering 5-week sessions of French lessons according to the level of fluency of the participants. Last February 21st, François ended the first session by being top of his class.

*   Bible Translation

François and Dominique have started the second draft of the Acts of the Apostles. This work will lead to the checking of the first chapters of this book under the supervision of a translation consultant. This checking is scheduled for next May.

*   A new activity for the Beka-Project: The radio programme “Mondo Monye”.

Missionaries Diane and Paul Ohlen, after several years of ministry in church planting among Bayaka in Congo-Brazza, have shared their knowledge of agro-forestry with those in Central African Republic (C.A.R). Paul has also presented, under the title “Mondo wa Komba” (God’s words), a radio programme broadcast on the airwaves of ICDI Radio (Integrated Community Development International). This programme is broadcast only in the Yaka language and deals with diverse topics relating to the Bayaka’s life.

Coming to the end of their time in C.A.R, the Ohlins passed the work relating to radio production onto the Beka-Project who changed the title to “Mondo Monye” (Good News). Marie-Angele is in charge of producing these programmes. We have already produced four that deal with the Bible translation work, student life in Bangui, and testimonies of Bayaka Bible students in Mbaiki. The programme can be listened to by Bayaka in CAR and those in Congo-Brazza.

TESTIMONY: The Bayaka, a people who give encouragement.

From March 2nd to 8th, a conference took place in Londo related to first aid, followed by a Bible study on the book of Colossians. A Swiss missionary couple, Annabeth and Markus, had already organized this training in several villages in Central African Republic. This time they were pleasantly surprised by the Bayaka people’s attitude. In the other villages where the same conference was organized, the villagers weren’t always so receptive, up to the point of sometimes throwing stones at the screen during the film’s projection. Annabeth and Markus were encouraged to see how the Bayaka happily welcomed their programme.

A missionary experienced such an encouragement about ten years ago, at the beginning of the Beka-Project. Working in Cameroon digging wells, he was shocked by the villagers’ refusal to join the team and complete the task. He did not understand the villagers’ attitude since the well was meant for them. This missionary even made the decision to stop this ministry. But before he did, he agreed to go and dig a last well in Londo. There, in contrast to the villages in Cameroon, he found a committed population, working day and night with joy. At the end of his stay in the forest, his enthusiasm for the ministry had revived. Furthermore, it was the deepest well of his life: 37 m.


–      The literacy teacher Maliwa who we want to train so that he could become a literacy supervisor. We also hope to find another literacy worker who could undertake this training.

–      The retraining of the literacy teachers and the opening of new classes.

–      The finances needed for the integration of the new translators.

–      The reprinting of primers in sufficient quantity for the beginning of the next classes.

–      The reprinting of Bible books already available in Yaka as well as the shell book on the Creation Story.

–      The checking session for the Acts of the Apostles with the Translation Consultant.

–      The completion of the second draft of the Acts of the Apostles, despite constraints related to François’s training, constraints we somehow underestimated.

–      The productions of the radio programme “Mondo Monye”.

–      Security in our country: It is sad to see that some rebel groups and political leaders, who participated in the last peace talks, have withdrawn from the process. Some among them have even taken up arms again.

Together for the Lord’s service,

Marie-Angele Kosseke

Leadership Team Assistant


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