Posted by: Petros | March 23, 2009

Too many sheep

Too many sheep?

Pastors of a thousand sheep, Be nervous!
For you’ve only time to know just a score,
Most get a handshake ending the service
And a “good-bye” as they walk out the door.

Too busy to call or answer questions,
With meetings to chair and sermons to write,
You wait with eager anticipation,
For a breather when no sheep is in sight.

My sheep are stupid. My lambs are lazy.
They don’t understand me. They’re not my friends
How did I get this job? Am I crazy?
They each want to know me. When will it end?

But stop! Jesus shows us his example,
When he sacrificed his life for his friends.
The Father gave to him each disciple,
And He’ll count each of His sheep at the end.

Jesus was too a shepherd. All the same,
He refused to get caught up in the swirl.
He had just twelve lambs whom he called by name.
With them alone Jesus transformed the world.

©2001 Peter Wallace Dunn

For Britta



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