Posted by: Petros | March 14, 2009

Joyous even in crisis, by Moussa Bongoyok

Joyous even in crisis

The planet earth is movement
And its forests mourn for their trees.
No one can console the firmament
Which chants macabre songs without cease.
But despite the gravity of the crisis,
The Christian’s joy meets no surprises.
The Lord renews our faith at will,
For he yet commands the sea, “Be still!”

The world in flames seeks after peace.
Homes are doused with so many tears.
Somber death strikes without cease.
Life on earth has become so fierce.
The Christian’s joy disturbs the lamentation,
But that should cause no great consternation.
For the Lord Jesus is the Almighty;
He knows how to turn back the tsunami.

Jet airliners crash down from the sky.
AIDS is here and millions must die.
The heavens are torn by missiles,
And the earth shakes from anti-missiles.
But the Christian rejoices in spirit
In this environment so livid.
Jesus himself is our security
In the country as in the city.

The financial forecast is not pristine,
The political climate is morose.
The law favors the libertine.
Lots of people seem very nervous.
But the Christian’s joy is ecstatic,
Because our hope is not erratic
But rests on God, who can transform
And restore even what others deform.

by Moussa Bongoyok from the French, “Joyeux malgré la crise“, trans. by P. W. Dunn. (c) 2002 All rights reserved.


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