Posted by: Petros | February 12, 2009

Free Books in Biblical Studies and Related Fields

There is now a good list of free books available on the internet at

Research from anywhere in the world as long as one has an internet connection is getting easier and easier.  How long will it become before libraries are obsolete?  Ten years?  25?

hat tip deinde via N.T. Wrong



  1. I just want to mention that experts are still divided about the future of printed resources. Libraries apparently will not become obsolete as soon as one might think. Wait and see.

  2. “Experts” is a very vague reference. There are experts for everything and they usually disagree. What I am asking is that as we make our plans for theological education, that we realize that an information revolution is underfoot. The advance in computer technology has been exponential in my lifetime and it has made and will make a huge impact on academic work. When I first entered University I studied computer programming? We worked with a Honeywell mainframe computer that took up a huge room. It took sometimes hours to get the results of small fortran program that we would run. And such a computer was hardly more powerful than the a computer that one buys off the shelf today. To the degree that we keep in mind this revolution, we will be wiser about how we advance. In fact, I’ll advance this discussion farther by saying simply this: when it comes to these questions, we are the experts, or we should be the experts. So let’s discuss it amongst ourselves.

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