Posted by: Petros | February 7, 2009

Rev. Robert C. D. Brow, 1924-2008: A Tribute

 Robert C.D. Brow, 1924-2008

Rev. Robert C.D. Brow, 1924-2008

I was saddened when I learned yesterday of the passing of Rev. Robert C. D. Brow, whom I met while teaching at Ontario Theological Seminary (now Tyndale Seminary and College).  He had served as a priest in India, England, Canada, Cyprus, and Abu Dhabi.  Thus, his theological works, many of which are posted at, should prove useful in many cultural contexts, particularly his Model Theology.  So I would definitely recommend his site to our readers.

Bob Brow was the father-in-law of Dr. Gregory Bloomquist (St. Paul University, Ottawa), who is serving on the doctoral scholarship committee of the Barnabas Venture.  I wish to express our belated condolences to the family.

He was the author of Go Make Learners: A New Model for Discipleship in the Church, (Wheaton, Illinois: Harold Shaw, 1981).  Available online.

Bob Brow co-authored with Clark H. Pinnock Unbounded Love: A Good News Theology for the 21st Century (Downers Grove: InterVarsity and Carlisle, Cumbria: Paternoster Press, 1994).



  1. Bob Brow was often viewed by liberal theologians as being too conservative and by conservative theologians as being too liberal. This, in a probability meant that he was in the right place. The highlight of his ministry was without a doubt his time at St James Anglican Church in Kingston on the Queens University Campus. He and Molly influenced the iives of thousands of people. He is sorely missed and his web site carrying his articles is very much worth the time.

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