Posted by: ewoba | February 1, 2009

On Abortion: My Response to Peter Dunn’s Partial Response

I also want to thank you for providing the background that many who are not familiar with the history of the issue of abortion in the US may lack. It was helpful, for instance, to understand why since 1973 the issue no longer entirely depends upon the governing party of the country. I understand also the question is complex and is very personal for many, and that the practice of abortion has an indirect impact on the lives of many others–like your reference to abortion and adoption: very moving and revealing of the fact that the commonly given reasons for abortion are not always the true reasons.

I want to emphasize, though, my point, and further state the connection I am making between divorce and abortion. First, my emphasis: I am against abortion, and the law against it is helpful, but the mission of the church on the issue precedes and exceeds politics and legislation; it is misleading to focus, as the church in the US does, on abortion as a political and legal issue and fail to approach it as an issue to address on a daily basis, at a deeper level of engagement within the church and the society. I know many churches are addressing the issue outside of politics, but I have had the impression that many evangelical Christians feel like they can say a “Mission Accomplished!” statement once they have voted against abortion. This is misleading and unacceptable for the church.

Second, the connection between abortion and divorce. I used divorce as, perhaps, the most visible evidence that the family is in peril and issues of abortion and other drifts in sexual ethics are only the consequences of a failing family life situation. If the church has come to the point of sending mix messages–like to use a problem to support a value (ex.: an unwed teen pregnancy to advance pro-life cause)–clearly for me we have lost our points of reference. In a world that has lost its way it is also easy to lose one’s bearings, and it seems like the message of the church we hear in the media is no exception. So for me the fight against abortion starts with the fight for the family, not the other way around. Many of us prefer to tackle the consequences of our wrong behavior rather than to face the root of the misconduct, and that is what I am seeing with abortion, and I doubt we are fighting our good fight the right way.



  1. Hi Elisee. Thanks for these remarks. Your clarification is helpful, and you make some great points.

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