Posted by: ewoba | January 31, 2009

Global Warming

I heard that some scientists believe it’s too late to save the planet from global warming. I have a word of encouragement for them, but first let me make a clarification.

I like to distinguish between environmental issues and the more than environmental question of the warming of the globe. I believe the former represent issues that have been part of humanity’s responsability, and the Judeo-Christian faith in particular, since the creation of the earth. I also believe that in the past few decades environmental issues have worsened, and I think it is mostly the result of human action. So as part of our creation mandate we Christians should be very present in the global conversation going on about the environment.

At the same time, however, we must carefully assess all that is being framed as “global warming” in order to support what reflects our responsability as well as to learn to not let our guards down. It is not always concerns for the environment–there are scientific curiosity issues, ideologies defended, politics pursued, economics explored, and demographics considered. Many agendas are playing their cards in the debate. One thing I believe: our responsability to care for the earth is not so big that we can completely destroy it and make it impossible to live on. I simply do not think the creator has given us such a power.

Here is my conclusion: I listen to global warming debates and I get involved when/where I can, but I do not lose sight of my theological belief–the destiny of the earth is ultimately in God’s hands, not humans. And I’m glad things are not ultimately in human beings’ hands. Were this the case, the earth would have ceased to exist since Genesis 3; but I believe Revelation 21-22 will be fulfilled, no matter what we do or do not. So let not the scientist cede to panic and let not the theologian cede to irresponsability.



  1. May be the alarmists are worried that their beach houses on the East and Left coasts will be underwater, not so much that we are going to kill all life and the planet. Thanks for the Biblical reflexion.

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