Posted by: Petros | January 29, 2009

JSTOR and Revue d’Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses Free Online

It may interest the readers of this blog that as of 2002 the complete text of Revue d’Histoire et de Philosophie Religieuses of the Protestant faculty of theology University of Strasbourg, is available for free online.

Also I learned from Theology in Africa website in their Oct/Dec newsletter,  that JSTOR is making its database free to African Faculties.  I don’t know how you get it, but I suppose you contact JSOTR.



  1. Bonne nouvelle. Je n’ai pas encore essayé d’utiliser ces ressources désormais disponibles en ligne, mais je pense que cela va aider énormément. Cependant, la question que je pose parfois est combien de gens ont accès aux outils informatiques nécessaires (accès à un ordinateur, à l’internet, une imprimante, etc.) pour faire usage de ces ressources. J’ai l’impression qu’elles sont plus disponibles pour ceux qui en ont besoin le moins. Bref, c’est un bon début, surtout le fait d’avoir accès aux ressources sur l’Afrique.

  2. Electronic sources will be most helpful in theological research institutions. In the future, to do research, one will need minimal access to physical libraries. The electronic revolution is to the great advantage of Africa, which is centuries behind in library resources. Today I found the Beginnings of Christianity series by Lake and Cadbury because libraries are archiving in electronic form such older books that are in the public domain and making them available on the internet.

    As funding partner of theological education in Africa, I am very excited about this revolution. It will solve logistical problems for seminaries in Africa seeking to offer graduate degrees. And it is good for the financial partners too, because it will be much cheaper to provide computer terminals with internet access and even individual computers to scholars, than to provide millions of books which will only too quickly rot in the humidity of the African climate.

  3. Good news!

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