Posted by: Petros | January 28, 2009

Child Soldier Testifies

A Congolese Child Soldier (AFP)

AP (Yahoo) reports on the testimony of a Congolese child soldier at the Hague today.  The military use of children has not been isolated to Africa.  But the depiction of such practices in the media today, I can think of such films as Blood Diamonds, or the TV shows Lost and 24: Redemption (in the fictional country, Sangala), have brought attention to Africa.  Over Sunday lunch two weeks ago, I was speaking with two friends who said that the film Blood Diamonds profoundly disturbed them, and yet, it seems that such scenarios are all too common in several parts of Africa.  One fairly consistent theme in these fictional accounts is that boy soldiers have an undeveloped moral conscience and are therefore easily manipulated into committing war crimes.

This practice must be stopped.  Any ideas what we Christians should do?


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